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Building Surveys

Also known as a "Full Structural Survey", a Building Survey is a comprehensive report on the existing building, its current condition, and its likely future maintenance requirements.


The purpose of a Building Survey is to inform the purchaser of any relevant information to protect themselves against defects and items of disrepair that may not come under a general buildings insurance policy.

Building Surveys are presented in a clear, reader-friendly format, and our surveyors in Rutland are delighted to provide a complimentary, £0 charge follow-up service to talk through our findings with you.

A common misconception is that your Mortgage Broker has arranged a survey.

Generally your mortgage broker or bank will instruct a mortgage valuation unless you request a more detailed inspection. If this is the case, the valuer is responsible to the lender, not to you, even if you have been asked to pay a "valuation fee".

You may not be protected if anything goes wrong after your purchase.

Whether you have found your mortgage deal on the Internet or via a broker, you can still come direct to our surveyors in Rutland for a structural survey.

What Protection do I Have?

All firms regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors are required to have professional indemnity insurance and a formalised dispute resolution process.


Our Chartered Surveyors strive to provide the best service you can buy for your money, but in the unlikely event of a problem arising, you are guaranteed to be taken seriously.

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