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Bats in the House!

This week, George, one of our Senior Chartered Surveyors conducted a survey on

a property in which he made a fascinating discovery – Bats!

Our process upon discovery

George Thomson - Senior Chartered Surveyor
George Thomson - Senior RICS Chartered Surveyor

When bats are discovered, we as RICS Chartered Surveyors are not allowed to conduct any further inspections of the area these small mammals are found in. Whether they roost up in a loft or outside in a barn, we must leave straight away without disturbing them.

We are then obligated to inform both the property owner and prospective purchaser of their presence which enables them to contact the correct authorities to seek advice on how to manage them. – Help can be found at National Bat Helpline.

If you discover Bats on your property

Should you discover bats yourself, the same principle applies that you should seek out specialist advice about this matter. If you happen to discover bats before or during commercial building work, all operations must cease until advice has been given to you by your Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) or an Ecological Consultant. (It is strongly advised that you do not move onto another part of the property for building work until you have received advice also).

Bats living on your property can be quite common depending on the area you may live in. They are small harmless mammals that make little noise and do not produce too much of a smell. Bats do not require bedding as they sleep upside, latching onto beams or any other structure.

If you have any questions about bats, help can be found at the Help can be found at National Bat Helpline.

To arrange your Survey, contact us here at Rutland Surveyors!

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